5 High Performance Habits By Powerful Female Entrepreneurs

In most cases as women we have to work twice as hard and be more efficient and intentional with every moment of our day to breakthrough to the same level of success.

And with all what is Going on in the world and the Social Media Distraction it is very Hard to keep your Focus on your Daily Tasks, Take Care of your Business, Take Care of Family and Look Fly on Social Media! 

With Most of us, working from Home with this Covid Situation, we Have completely lost our Daily Routines and Habits. 

So in this post, I’m happy to share seven tips from powerful women who are leading the way with creating daily habits for success that I'm completely in love with, plus My High Productivity Tips to Start Today: 



1º. The Savers Formula By Tereza Corazon: 

Theresa Corazon Laurico is an award-winning social entrepreneur, creator, leader, speaker, and producer of the “Miracle Morning” movie.S - Silence (By meditation or simply feeling grateful, or connecting to your prayer).

A - Affirmations (say words to yourself or to a mirror that makes you feel the way you want to feel. “I AM…” is a powerful way to start)

V - Visualization (this can be a vision board or an emotion or visualizing something you want during meditation).

E - Exercise (30 minutes a day of movement/exercise every day is recommended though you can start small and build up, even if you can't exrecice just move or Dance around the house. It Works!).

R - Reading (it’s recommended that you read a physical book Please Read The 10 Books By Black Female Authors Blog, to pick your Favorite).

S - Scribing (the 5 Minute Journal is a helpful tool you can use to write down three things you are grateful for).

TAKE ACTION: The Miracle Morning begins with a miracle evening. Tonight, plan your morning.


2º. Dedicate an Hour For Your WERK By Koereyelle DuBose, Founder, WERKPraySlay 

Everyday I dedicate at least 1 hour to my WERK. The work with an E is the time, energy, effort and resources spent on your own dreams, independent of anyone else’s needs. One hour is only 4% of the day so I make sure I’m investing in myself along with all of the other work I finish for everyone else. During this time, I work on both personal and professional goals. It could be anything from writing blogs to sending emails to listening to Michael Beckwith sermons.: 

Take Action: If you wanna Start a Brand new life and Routine as a Boss Lady, I would Highly suggest you to get a Brand new Calendar and make sure your meetings and work are aligned with your intentions.



Nº 3.  "Dress Your Mind For Success" By Karlyn Percil

Karlyn Percil, Creator, Success Planner & Neuro Success Coach, She is in a mission is to empower more women to LEAD and to live and engage authentically daily. Karlyn’s has shared her ‘elephant’ story on the Oprah Winfrey network, spoke to Oprah as the Founder of the SisterTalk group, and changes daily habits and lives through her success planner and coaching.

Karlyn Created the "Dress your Mind Habit" a technique that will help you proactively choose the thoughts, words and feelings that you wants to invoke that day.

Take Action:

Take a Blank white or colored paper. Karlyn likes to use a simple sketch pad you could pick-up for a couple dollars, coloured pens or markers. Optional: Additional decorations such as wasabi paper, glitter

 Step 1: Do a brain dump using the blank piece of paper. Write the words and thoughts that invoke meaning, desire, joy, and other emotions.

Step 2: After doing your brain dump, create categories; think of it like categories that relate to your makeup/style routine.

  • Here’s an example:

    • Lipstick/lip balm words words: love, light, legacy, laughter (these are words you want to put on daily to embody a habit)
    • Blush words: Beautiful, bountiful
    • Foundation words: Faithful, fearless, fascinating, foxy
    • Eyeliner words: Expressive, ease, easy going
    • Skirt words: Savvy, sexy, soulful,
    • Accessories words: hope, joy, impact.


4º. Time Blocking By Pauleanna Reid, Celebrity Ghostwriter, 2x Author, Sr. Forbes Contributor

Pauleanna Reid is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. With 6 streams of income, time management is an essential skill she’s honed. Her ability to be focused on income generating activities helped her make double her income from her 9-5 job last year, and recently quit to go full-time in her businesses.

Time blocking is being very strategic and intentional with how you spend your day and decide when you will work on specific projects. Below is a framework she adapted to plan her day

  • Time blocking (4 time blocks between 7a to 5p)
  • Time Block #1 is called AM1 from 7a to 9a - (her most important items happen)
  • Time Block #2 is called AM2 from 9a to 12p - Social media, special projects, content creation, revenue generating activities - which is critical
  • Time Block #3 is called PM1 from 12p to 2p - Meetings/staff questions 
  • Time Block #4 is called PM2 from 2p to 5p - prep for next day
  • Buffer - for anything that has not been completed during the day
You will not get 10 things done in a day. Be very realistic. Whatever to-do list you’ve got shorten it by 75 percent. Focus on few. There’s no point getting a bunch of things done at 50%. Approx. 2-3 tasks in each time block. Plan one day at a time. Don’t plan an entire month if you struggle to get through 1 single day.”

Take Action: Write down your top priorities, and then add them to your calendar in color coded time blocks. She also recommends that you schedule blocks of time around your most natural energy waves. 



5º- Oprah Winfrey Strategy to Beat Procrastination 

“I procrastinate with confrontational things and uncomfortable conversations. I’ll give myself a deadline. And then I’ll change that deadline when that deadline shows up [laughs]. ‘Okay, by 3, I’m going to make that call.’ Four o’clock comes around—‘Okay okay, by 5 today. Oh, everybody’s left New York! Can’t make that call!’ So now I sit and ask myself, ‘What’s the worst that’s going to happen here, and why do I fear the confrontation?

“I have an iPad Mini and I do everything from there. I haven’t used a computer in probably three years. I’ve gotten every kind of app that’s supposed to help you keep up, but that means you have to check that thing every day! No. I don’t do to-do lists. It’s all right here [pointing to her head]. I have a wonderful chief of staff who every night sends me my itinerary for the next day. I look at that, put it in my head, and that’s it.”