How to Start a Business from home as a Mompreneur

Many new mothers see raising children and growing a family as a full-time job. But more and more mothers are inspired to take on the full-time job of raising children while running a business—all at the same time. And from these ambitious and inspiring mothers, we have the rise of the term “mompreneur” in the small business space.

Here’s why moms make the best entrepreneurs:

  • Moms are comfortable with uncertainty. Being a mom means getting used to not having the answer and figuring things out on your own. 
  • Moms are used to multi-tasking. You’re already a pro at juggling kids, work, meals, and holidays. 
  • Moms are used to budgeting and getting creative with finances. As a mom, you’re accustomed to making every dollar stretch, and getting creative to do so. This creativity and familiarity with budgeting will serve you well as an entrepreneur.
  • Moms are great negotiators. After convincing your kids to go to bed or eat their vegetables, a business negotiation is a piece of cake.  
  • Moms are used to problem-solving. Moms and entrepreneurs are both natural problem-solvers! As a mom, you’re already used to solving a wide variety of different problems from hurt feelings to finding the time to prepare healthy lunches.  
  • Moms are natural leaders. Moms know how to take charge and be the boss! As a mom you’re already used to being in charge, delegating and looking out for everyone’s best interests. Being an entrepreneur is just like being a mom for a business.

If you’re an aspiring mompreneur, hoping to make the most out of your past experiences, skills, and your current schedule, We got you Sis! Here are some of the tips to help you start your online business from home, and the best Online Business Ideas that will make you Money while you are enjoying watching your Kids Grow!  

1. Pick a Designated Work Area

When I started working from home, I thought I could sit on my bed, spread out documents and my laptop and have at it. Well, I soon found that I would start off sitting up, legs crossed and attentive, then progressively move into a slouched position, followed by a full-on fetal position with complete attention on the television while my computer and papers were strewn off to the edge of the bed.  Talk about a reality check.  After being in denial about the obvious distractions, I opted to get an actual desk with a chair and sit there. I went from papers all over the house to everything being in one central location. The desk and chair in a designated part of the house started me off with the structure I need to work efficiently.

2. Structure your time following your Family needs: If you have Toddlers you won't be able to do the work unless they are sleeping or playing quietly! You need to train yourself and your lil ones to respect each other's time by creating habits or routines! For example if they sleep During the day, make that free time your work time it can be an hour or 2! The important is to hop on your laptop and get the work done.

3. Get Help This is very important but honestly Optional, if you have someone to take care of your lil ones, then don't be afraid to ask for help especially when you are starting, and building your mompreneur's business from scratch! And don't forget you can always take advantage of the schooling time as well!  

4. Use a Productivity Planner A Daily productivity planner will be your best friend, as we tend to forget or get distracted as moms, having a list with check boxes can be very helpful to get the job done, and remind you of what you have left behind. I created a Beautiful Free Daily Productivity Planner here  Feel Free to download it and print it! 

5. Start Creating a Powerful Social Media Presence following the Niche or the Business Idea you choosed. Social Media are a Pillar if you want to start making money online! It's your social Proof and Community place, because your potential clients will need to check out your work, and how you can help them before spending a dime on your business! So make sure Your IG Account is on point, 

5. Now Time for Building your website Your Potential customers will want to read more about you and your business before they book or buy! So make sure to Build a nice designed website with clear descriptions of your products and the story behind your brand! 

Now we will list the different ways to make money Online as A mom, that doesn't require a big investment: 

1. Handmade Products Seller

Many successful mompreneurs have built great businesses off the backs of their crafting skills and consistent ability to produce beautiful, handmade products.

Whether you have a knack for making jewelry, pottery, or home goods, starting an ecommerce business to sell your handmade products is easier than ever.

Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Craftly are great places to sell your products. Plus, if you have a studio or workplace at home, selling handmade products is absolutely achievable for an aspiring mompreneur. 

2. Virtual Assistant

If you are a highly organized person, then consider joining the virtual assistant craze. Virtual assistants are just what you think—they work virtually and remotely as assistants for very busy people. Virtual assistants are especially helpful for busy executives who just can’t manage all their meetings, calls, appointments, and so on. 

3. Social Media or Community Manager

This is a very trendy Niche, because more and more Online coaches and entrepreneurs are in need of a strong social media presence, without the overwhelm of being present everywhere! Many of them will hire Ghost blog writers, Pinterest Manager, Facebook groups Community Manager, Instagram Feed Organizer, podcast, youtube videos Editor ... Etc. Just Choose which social media you are good at, and learn more about how to be an expert and post that Job on upwork or on fievver! 

4. Baby Planner

As a new or experienced mother, you know everything it takes to plan for a baby—like setting up a baby room, baby-proofing a house, and preparing a couple for the big day. For expecting families new to parenthood, professional baby planning services can be a huge help and one that many families are willing to pay for.

As a mompreneur, you can tap into your recent experience preparing for a baby to provide professional baby planning services in your free time.  Creating Checklists for new moms, 1:1Consultation Call... This can be one of the easiest—and most lucrative—business ideas for working mothers!

5. Baby Products Influencer

As a mother, you likely have first-hand experience with baby products. Tap into this experience to brainstorm things that new moms need to improve their Motherhood experience! Start Creating blogs and Insert those products you recommend and tag them on social media as well 

6. Personal Chef

If you’re a really good cook, such that someone would pay you to cook for them personally, then capitalize on that skill and start marketing yourself as a personal chef. Not everyone has the time to cook or meet their own specific dietary needs. This could be the perfect opportunity for mompreneurs who have the time and skills to be a personal chef.

Mompreneurs who are busy in the morning and night could easily operate as a personal chef during the day—preparing meals for a family while your kids are at school and you have free time.

7. Coaching

Are you the coach that drives the team to victory? Personal Coaching has grown to become a $1 billion dollar a year industry.  People hire coaches for everything from relationship advice to learning a musical instrument, to motherhood, and it is literally the most lucrative Online business right now.

8. Travel Mom influencer

If  you love to travel. You are the queen of finding cheap flights and hotels for you and your family. You take amazing travel photos. Why not start a business as a home mom travel blogger, or mom travel affiliate? Travel is a 8.4 trillion dollar industry. A few years ago the trend online was to book your own travel on websites but the last few years has seen a reemergence of at home travel Curators, travel hackers, and Mom Travel bloggers who help travellers book trips, especially kids friendly with itineraries and Family activities.

9. Conclusion

If you really wanna start a Successful online business, and grow an supportive Community and a High Ticket audience of Potential Buying Moms, then the IG Money Masterclass is for you check it out here to learn more!

  "There are tons of resources for mompreneurs out there, but none will ever be as reliable as YOU. You started this journey, and you should always be working to navigate it according to your own rules. Be strong, be brave, be flexible, be present, and always remember why you started. The more emotionally connected you are to your founding purpose, the harder you’ll work towards achieving your goals.” Melissa Bolton Founder - The Mogul Mom