How to Start a Successful Online coaching Business from Scratch

Starting an Online Coaching Business can be a rewarding career for anyone who enjoys helping people. The ability to provide coaching service over the Internet makes it a business that you can start with a small monetary investment. And Now more than ever ppl are hiring Coaches and taking courses to upgrade their skills, and learn how to make money online, during this Tough Time of Pandemic, where jobs are not a secure no more!  

In this comprehensive guide on how to start a thriving Coaching business, we’ll define online coaching, discuss its benefits, cover the types of coaching you could provide, and layout a seven-step process to start a Successful coaching business online.

To succeed as a coach, you must know the pains, desires, and troubles of those you wish to serve to later offer a solution irresistible to them.

1.Create your Ideal Client Avatar

Talk to people, observe them, and question their every move and choice. Don’t stop researching until you know your audience better than they know themselves! Creating an ideal client helps to envision and distinguish the customer who is most availing themselves of your business. Vividly describe your customers' experience, their goals, their motivations and pain points. This understanding translates to what ultimately brings them to your business and leads their purchasing decisions.

2.Adopt The Client's Viewpoint

To create an ideal client profile, flip your script. Focus less upon what services and solutions you can provide to your "ideal client" and more on framing the "wants and needs" from the client's viewpoint. Understand the difference between what they say they want and what they truly need to have in order to make their business successful. and Fill that need. What seem the Million dollars Idea for you, can be a total failure without a Real Market need or a strategy. 

3. Fall in Love with your Product First

If you don't believe how awesome your products are, if you don't believe that your skills and coaching strategies will help at least thousands of ppl around the world, then you are probably not meant for this kind of business! Don't start a coaching Business just because someone else did and it worked for them! 

3. Consider taking a Coaching Course First

If you want to hit the ground running, you may need to hire a coach or take a course to understand what it works and how others are doing it!  It’s not required, but refreshing your knowledge and skills can have a positive impact on your coaching Business, and save you a lot of guesswork and overwhelm! 


4. Step three: Create a differentiated offer

To achieve success, especially in the early stages, you must stand out as a coach.

This is especially important in crowded markets like coaching that are growing at around 7% annually.

How do you stand out? By delivering a result that matters to the people you serve.

Your task is to develop an enjoyable offer that consistently solves one of their top 5 pain points. Be creative but remember who you are serving! In order to start making money straight away, Make A-B-C kind Of offers and products.

Let's say Offer A will be the cheapest one, it can be a Guide, a checklist, a preset if you are an IG coach, Lead Magnet Templates...Etc.

Offer B will be a medium price, it can be an ebook around 50-100 Pages, it can be a short course as well of 1hr30 min...etc.

The Offer C will be the most expensive one, example 1:1 coaching sessions, or an extensive 90 days course.

5. Price your offer

This is always a Big confusing for new coaches and course creators! I have been there too and I can throw my 2 cents on the Subject after some experience, you need to know that there is nothing expensive or cheap in this world. There is just value for money.

Once you learn the game of coaching! It is time to level up. If your offer solves some pressing issues for your clients, charge premium prices, which is anything upwards of $1k to $2k per client. This will avoid bargain hunters and those uncommitted from working with you, which will preserve your worth as a coach.

6. Create Your Website You should purchase a domain name that represents your coaching business and create a supporting website. This will not only be a place to send prospects who want to learn about your coaching service, but it will serve as a portal for supplemental content that your clients will need access to. 

7. Create a Presence for your Coaching Business on  Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, clubhouse can help you reach a specific target audience. Follow people who fit your customer profile. Like their posts and explore the hashtags they use.
  • Pay-per-click ads, though expensive, will get your coaching business off to a fast start. PPC ads are extremely effective and have a high ROI.
  • Shoutout in IG Big Pages, this is one of the Most powerful tool I use to make 10k+ Dollars Months. It is simple yet effective! 
  • Create a lead magnet that offers a small sample of your insights. A Free downloadable PDF is important to make prospects sign up for coaching services.
  • Take advantage of email as a marketing channel. Your lead magnet can be provided in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter, or your freebies.

Last Step: Get help

There will be a point where complexity takes hold of your coaching business.

You will have to make sacrifices and balance life at work with the endless struggles of running a business.

To continue to thrive as a coach you will have to learn to let go and trust mentors to guide you. This is because no matter how skilled you are, you are limited as a human being. Mentors have mentors, and so should you.

At this stage, your role shifts away from execution and into leadership, a rewarding shift that comes with its own troubles.

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