How To celebrate the Little Victories to Attract More Success

We’ve been conditioned to celebrate the big milestones and achievements, belittling the little wins along the way. However, if you don’t acknowledge those small victories, then it makes it harder to celebrate–or even appreciate–the larger ones.

The Science of Winning

Those little wins, no matter how small, are there to keep you motivated in the long-term. Tracking those small achievements helps to boost your confidence by activating the reward circuitry within your brain. This releases invigorating “feel-good’ chemicals, like dopamine, which fill you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Not only does this give you a wonderful feeling, but it also encourages you to keep going and build that momentum.

Why You Should Celebrate the Small Victories

Most people are uncomfortable with celebrating their small victories. It may seem trivial to celebrate something as seemingly unimportant as packing a healthy lunch, for instance.

However, you’re not necessarily celebrating the achievement itself; you’re celebrating your habits. You’re celebrating the good behavior and the person you’re becoming. If you don’t pause to appreciate your little victories – if you’re simply rushing from one task to another – then it’s easier to become exhausted and demotivated.

Small victories vary from person to person, and what may seem small to you could be enormous to someone else. So take the time to pause and feel good about what you’ve just accomplished. When you show appreciation for your small victories, you show appreciation for yourself, too.

Here are three reasons to notice and celebrate the little victories en route to the big finish:

1. It makes you feel happy.

Pausing to celebrate a small victory — for instance, clearing 20 emails from your inbox, even when there are 200 still to go — reminds you that you’re making progress, and progress feels good.

“Progress on our goals makes us feel happier and more satisfied with life,” writes Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl.

You don’t have to wait for “someday” when you — hopefully — achieve your goal(s) to be happy. Celebrate the small victories along the way and be happy now.

2. It gives you motivation to keep going.

At any given moment, I can look around my life — as a father, business owner, coach, or speaker — and identify plenty of areas where I feel like I’m falling short. (Let’s face it, we’re never where we feel like we should be.)

If I allowed myself to dwell on all of my shortcomings — or how far I still have to go — I might just give up. This isn’t worth it… I’m not getting anywhere… What’s the use? (Ever feel that?)

When you give your attention to — and celebrate — the little victories, though, you’re essentially reminding yourself that “I am successful… I’m on the right path…”

That lifts your spirits and gives you the boost you need to keep going.

3. It builds your confidence.

If you allow your attention to be consumed with obstacle after obstacle that you encounter, it’s very easy to feel defeated and powerless.

When you celebrate the little victories, though, you make another deposit in your “confidence bank” that says “I can do this!”

Celebrate your journey. These 5 tips will show you how:

1. Feel the Excitement

With each little win, you’re getting closer to your goal. Let that thought excite you! Don’t save your excitement for the “big” things; celebrate each step that you take. Bask in your victory, and allow yourself to be happy.

2. Treat Yourself

Every achievement, regardless of its size, deserves a reward. Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal, watching a fun movie, or purchasing some new clothes, you should always take the time to reward yourself. This helps you build your motivation and keep winning.

3. Share Your Wins

Be proud of your achievements, and speak about them with fulfillment and enthusiasm. When you verbalize your wins, you’re reinforcing them, and this motivates you to continue. Sharing your wins may also inspire others to reach for their goals, as well – so everybody wins.

4. Be Present

Even though you’re pursuing a future goal, don’t forget to acknowledge the present moment. These moments determine your future, so be sure to fill them with little wins and excitement.

5. Keep Track of Your Habits

Use a habit tracker, like The Fabulous, to monitor your daily habits and reflect on your progress. Staying consistent with your habits puts you on the path to achieving your goals. Your habits are what help you win, so make winning a habit!

Celebrate Success

As you work towards achieving your goals, always remember to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Get in the habit of celebrating each small success. Your little wins add up to big things. One easy way to remember to celebrate is to have Fabulous remind you! Add “Celebrate!” to one of your daily rituals today (and be sure to celebrate your initiative for doing so!).