How To Ditch your 9-5 Job with your Side Hustle

I know you are hating your job right know, and your work goals feel meaningless, I know you want a Big Change in your Life, but you are too scared to make the Leap. Believe me, I have been there, and I think I'm in a position to tell you you what worked for me and what not, and How long did take me to start seeing Money coming in. 3 years ago, I quit my corporate job to pursue my coaching full time Business full-time with almost no savings, I have made it my mission to learn and to be teachable, and create a community around my business and my passion for travel! and in In less than 4 months, I've doubled my income and cut my expenses in half, but most importantly, I've gained freedom, flexibility, and a great work-life balance.

To ditch your job and Live your life in total financial freedom, it will take Bravery and consistency and Not throwing the Towel at the first challenge. I'm not here to sell you a Dream, but I'm here to show you the many possibilities you have right now, to make money on Social Media and create a Passive income that will make you Money while you sleep, and allow you to Kiss Good bye to that Boring 9-5 Job you hate. The goal here is to ease into your transition of going from employee to being self-employed. You don’t want to jump all in and then become frustrated when you have to go looking for work again in 4 months.

So Before we dig in, you Must ask yourself a few questions:

1. Have you ever tried to work on your own full-time? If you did you know that It’s not easy. More free time doesn’t mean that you’re going to get more work done. I urge you to use a week of vacation to see what it’s really like to work for yourself. You may even discover that you don’t mind keeping your side business on the side.

2. Are you disciplined enough to not get distracted in your free time and you are using it to take Big steps towards your Side Hustle Business? Cause here is the Thing! We are used to work hard only if we are supervised, when I started my side Hustle Business I was a Big Procrastinator, I would always find an excuse to do that task "tomorrow", then Tomorrow will come and I will say the same exact thing! And That costed me almost a year, until I have had really enough with my job and I used my anger to keep my eyes on the prize! Working on Building my website day and Night, creating that ebook, working on that product description, everything! As Eric Thomas Famous Line Says "You need to want to succeed as Bad as you wanna Breath".

The Different ways to make money online.

  • If you have a Skill Monetize it! Example take Gigs on Fievver or Upwork, you can be a web designer, a virtual assistant, a Facebook group community Manager, a Pinterest Manager, drawing Vectors, you can be a ghost writer, Blog Writer, the Possibilities are Limitless, and people need more than ever to outsource and delegate.
  • Learn More About Affiliate Marketing and how to include that business Model into your Blogs and Website.
  • Start Growing and attracting the right Audience for your Products.
  • Find a Digital Product to sell like (Guides, ebooks, Blogs, Affiliate Links, Courses, 1:1 Coaching, Notebooks, Canva Templates...) The Possibilities are Limitless.
  • Build a Website and offer Freebies to grow your Email List.
  • Start Hosting Rooms on Clubhouse, and IG Lives the Goal here is to position yourself as an expert in your Niche.
  • Promote yourself on Social Media and your stories. Everyday!
  • If you are starting a coaching Business start a podcast to promote it, Podcasting is a super trendy right now, cause ppl don't have the time to read blogs no more, and would prefer to listen instead while they are working out, or Making Dinner.
  • Always Remember! People don't buy by Logic But they buy emotionally so your products should solve your audience's Problems, it is like offering Drugs vs Vitamins, ppl will spend money on drugs because they need to stop the pain and  buying vitamins becomes optional. Let me give you an Example: I sell Course to help my audience ditch their ugly 9-5 jobs and monetize their audience, and I sell Presets, So I let you imagine which one is the drug and which one is the Vitamin! So first sell them the Cure then after you can sell the Vitamins to maintain the results. I hope that you get this! Cause it helped me big time on finding the right products to sell! 
  • Upgrade your skills so that you can charge more money! Always Commit at least 1 hour a day to learn more and invest in Coaching Courses from people who are already winning in your niche, so you can learn their techniques, tips and Tricks, and recreate their Business Model! Honestly Trying to figure it out by yourself will cost you time and A ton of overwhelm and you don't want that!
  • Save every penny that you can. It’s a huge privilege to be able to quit a job so that you can do what you love. You have to cut back on everything that you don’t need as you’re trying to quit your job, so that you have a financial cushion when the sells are slow.

  • You set a deadline! The late nights and early mornings will eventually get to you. It’s important that you set a deadline for when you want to quit your job. What’s your deadline? Set it and write it done everywhere. Announce it publicly to hold yourself accountable.

  • Be merciless about making this happen! It’s easy to find excuses or to let distractions get in the way. You have to be 100% ruthless. 

    • Saying no to weekend plans.
    • Turning off the game to work on that proposal.
    • Spend some money on investing into your business.
    • Save, save, and then save some more.
    • Learn from Experts. 
    • Grow your Social Media and Networks there is so much money on the Table on IG and other platforms so don't sleep on it.

Not everyone can make a living off of their hobbies, and quitting your job is always scary. But if you think side gigs can't become flourishing careers with enough patience and persistence, you're wrong. If you've got a side gig you love and believe in, it's worth seeing what it can grow into when you make it your main gig. If you feel you are ready to take the Leap and Monetize your audience, and make 10k+ Months with your side hustle Then I will be happy to welcome you into one of my Programs click here to learn more.  "See you at the Top"~ Zig Ziglar