How to Make Money on Clubhouse

The hottest new app of 2021 appears to be social networking app Called Clubhouse which has seen an influx of interest in recent Months.

In this post I want to go over how you can make money on Clubhouse and grow your business! There are actually multiple ways to build your brand through the platform. It’s a bit different with other apps because it requires a lot more one-on-one hustle and public speaking and showing up every day in Videos. And I think that whoever is extroverted, and love speaking with people and taking the stage, should definitely look at incorporating Clubhouse for their marketing/business model.

1. Brand partnerships

For business owners there are several opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and influencers to create brand partnerships. 

There are several networking rooms for entrepreneurs where you can propose this either by 'putting your hand up' to get up on stage and stating your proposal or by contacting entrepreneurs that are open to partnerships directly.

2. Exclusive Rooms with a Membership fee

Clubhouse 'clubs' are groups that members can create and join. They can be aligned to interests, such as 'entrepreneurship', 'media' or 'sports'. 

They're not too dissimilar to Facebook groups but are, of course, audio-only.

There's talk that club creators will be able to charge a membership fee in the future. It hasn't yet been established how much club creators could charge for this, but fees would vary based on the popularity of the club. So Make sure top create your own Club now that is still possible and not over saturated! 

5. AMA (Ask me anything)

If you're an expert in your field, you could create a room and charge people a fee for answering their personal or business questions. 

The Clubhouse app doesn't yet have the ability to send and receive payments, but some moderators have accepted payments via the Cash App. 

6. Networking

There are a plethora of experts on the Clubhouse app including small business owners, multimillionaire CEOs, tech giants and celebrities that you could approach through the rooms they created.

Many list their other social media accounts – typically Twitter and Instagram. Some even invite users to connect with them, send them direct messages (DMs) for tips and advice or possible job opportunities.

7.Sell your Coaching Services 

This is a Big One! I have landed many of my 1:1 Coaching Deals on clubhouse! If you're a coach or a mentor, you could talk about your line of expertise and deliver value to your audience. But be careful not to make it all about you or to make the discussion constantly about your sell because the audience will get it and start leaving.

8. Provide discount codes specific to Clubhouse users!

While you’re networking and talking to people on Clubhouse, people will naturally check your bio. I’ve seen multiple bios on Clubhouse in which the user adds specific links and codes to their own products. For example, you could try creating a coupon code like promo code CLUB20 for 20% off your course for Clubhouse users. You could either plug your products during conversation (which I personally think it’s better not to sell like that), or you can let your users check your information out after you’ve given a lot of great free value.