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This is an all-in-one Instagram Growth & IG Money Bootcamp. In this Signature Masterclass, I will explain to you the Why, the What, and the How to Build a Successful Personal Brand and my secret approach to showing it off Powerfully on Social Media. You will get all my IG Growth and mindset's Secrets that helped me grow my following on the 'gram from 0 to over 60k, land collaborations with some of the largest brands in the world, travel the world for Free, and Create an online business that generates me over 30K -50K a Month without running a Single FB Ad.



Luxury Travel Designer

I believe in giving people their Flowers when they are here to accept them, so today I wanna Give Samia Her Flowers🌸, I had a Coaching Session with Samia and Sis got me all the way together, she read me, cause I was not living up to my Full Potential, and it is Nice to have a mentor or a coach that works on Actual Action Plan with you, So Samia, I give you all the flowers, all the Love because you deserve Them.



What if I tell you that you can start a side hustle on Instagram that will make you quit your 9-5 Job in a Matter of Months! What if I tell you that every one of us has a passion or a skill that you can Monetize while you Sleep! I’ve helped hundreds of Queens like yourself build a powerful online Coaching Business that gives them the freedom to travel and work from wherever they want in the world using only a Laptop and Wifi! In this Masterclass, you will learn All my powerful Coaching and Marketing Strategies and secrets that will generate you at least 10K+ Months and Attract only High Ticket Clients to your Business that can afford to buy your courses and Book your Coaching Services.



- Fashion Influencer -

II want to tell you guys how Samia, helped me to grow my Instagram so Much, and I really would like to thank her for the Bottom of my heart. I'am where I'am today on Instagram with my Collaborations and Sponsorship, you should really really take her Masterclass cause she will tell you all the necessary things you need to know Grow you Instagram Account and Become a Micro-Influencer.



The Boss Lady Society is a Membership Site Made for Black Female Entrepreneurs, that will get you a seat at the Table with the Most Powerful Black Travel Coaches and Influencers in the Industry! You will be surrounded by a Powerful Community of Melanin Queens that will support you and your business, you will have access to our Boss Ladies Success Kits (A Monthly Exclusive Masterclass Hosted by one of our Fierce Coaches and Experts, plus Full Access to all our Canva Social Media Templates Library, made especially for Content Creators, and Online Entrepreneurs to grow a Powerful online Presence on Social Media!  


@traveling.auntie Samia Jay IG Growth Masterclass was a complete Game Changer for me, my engagement grow out the roof, it just laterally gave me a Blue Print for everything I needed, as Far as Branding, things that are going to help my Brand, things that were Holding me Back, and all the Gems and all the Real that a lot of Social Media people are not willing to share, she shared everything and did not hold back at all! I absolutely recommend this Masterclass for anyone using Social Media as a Tool, you will not be disappointed.