Are you trying to start your coaching or course business, but don’t know where to start or what to do first? Do you have the foundation of your business in place but, you’re struggling to book clients? Are you done with being underpaid for your divine Work?

Join my complete step-by-step Masterclass to set yourself up for consistent $10k+ months. Go From Feeling Bogged Down To Booking More Clients Than You Can Handle (GET ‘EM, TIGER)…







Nano-Influencers Coach

Samia Will teach and give you all the insider tips and tricks on how to be the best Influencer you can be in your Market. If you are like me, you don't know how to engage, you don't know how to put out content or you don't know how to create content and you wanna learn how to make money and monetize on Instagram, she is not gonna fail you, she is here to help us melanin Queens make money and live the best life we can live.


This is the only program that focuses equally on the three things required to create long term, sustainable online course success:



Together we will create a mouth-watering course and create an offer that sells, with the 5 hot niches to dive in right now, to start Monetizing Straight away. 


The ‘here’s exactly how you do it’ roadmap for building an irresistible personal brand and Attract High-Ticket audience so you can start Monetizing straight away using your Stories (which means you will make a huge cash injection to run Facebook ads to reach more clients and grow your business).


My Exact System to grow your course sustainably and without stress by combining Webinars, evergreen Sales Funnels, and membership sites. 








to do what you want, when you want, without feeling at the mercy of your client’s whim or the next client deadline. 

to jump on a plane and work from wherever you want, or to spend your days at home in your PJs all while impacting people at scale... the choice is yours! 


to live the type of life you started your business for in the first place - doing work you love, making your own unique ding in the universe by impacting people at scale, spending more time with your loved ones and putting yourself first.


by getting crystal clear clarity on the math and numbers you need to hit your big goals, plus a step-by-step, here’s exactly how you do it roadmap to get you there. No longer constrained by the hours in your day, the only limit to your income potential is YOU.

Will it come easy? No. You’ll still need to do the work. 
But will it be worth it? 



- Author & Instagram Coach -

It is been such a pleasure working with Samia, as a Coach she is someone who Knows her Sells, who knows her Marketing, if you are feeling stuck, uninspired, or Basically unsure how you gonna take your first step towards becoming an influencer, or perhaps you wanna monetize your audience, I would definitely recommend working with Samia on her coaching Program.



The Millionaire Coach Blueprint Masterclass is a video-based course that goes in-depth into the steps I took to earn over $50,000 in just 90 days by Selling my Courses, ebooks, and High Ticket coaching sessions 🤯

I created the Millionaire Coach Blueprint Masterclass to give you the complete System I used to turn my passion into a Thriving Business! My Students are now earning four, five, and SIX figures after learning the strategies based on this program 💸

In This Masterclass, you will learn Everything you need to generate $10k+ months, Absolutely everything! From creating your Ideal Client Avatar and the misconception behind it, Mastering The game of Funnels, to Launching Powerful webinars, and Membership Sites, getting paid to build your email list, and growing your audience, and the loophole inside the coaching industry that big online Coaches are keeping it secret!


@thedrrecommends -Wellness Coach- I want to give you some input on my Business Coach Samia Jay, if you are an inspiring Influencer, Content Creator, or you have a Business in the Travel Industry, Connect with Samia Jay I promise you, she will elevate your Game and put you on to things you didn't even Know About on social media and Also Business in General Especially if you are a Solo Entrepreneur like I'm trying to navigate things by yourself can be very difficult so having someone with her level of expertise coming with a Bird's Eye view, it will help you niche down, and attract Audience that will find value in your service and products, it is just amazing!

Join My Signature Sales Framework, The 6-Figure Coach Program 

The 6- Figure Coach Program combines the power of social selling on the Instagram Direct Message (the “DM”) with an Instagram content strategy that builds authority, influence, and trust to reach your revenue goals (without relying on follower growth or the algorithm for sales).


I Already Have a Course, Is This Fits Me? 

It perfectly fits you.

The saddest story in the world is the one where the most epic course ever, sat on the shelf forever more because its creator didn’t know how to launch and sell it. 

Having a course is great! you’ve done the hard yards, and now the (sales) fun begins! 
This program will show you how to get that baby out into the world and into the hands of the people who need it.

I Don’t Have any Courses! Is This Fits Me? 

It perfectly fits you. 

I'll show you how to create both a killer course and an irresistible offer (they’re very different things). 
I’ll also show you the order to do things so that you don’t waste precious time or resources doing things the wrong way around!
Plus, you will get all my Funnel maps, and all my secrets to a High Converting website and webinar, nothing is left.

The 6-Figure Coach program combines a here's-exactly-how-you-do-it roadmap for creating, launching, and scaling your own flagship course.

The Complete 6-Figure Coach Curriculum

Depending on where you’re at when you join us, your roadmap will include a mix of some or all of these phases. You can choose the roadmap that is best for you when you join.

Here’s what your roadmap *might* look like.


To sum it up, here’s what you’re getting with The 6-Figure Coach Program when you enroll today:


Perfect pack for all course creators, branding coaches, influencers, webinars, and online courses. This pack will be perfect to monetize and lead the traffic to your course ( Value 230$) 


Beautifully made Canva Templates help you create your ebooks within 2Hrs. All you need is to add your own words and your own pictures and brand color et Voila! ( Value 230$)


Those visual models layout everything in your marketing process – traffic sources, stages of your funnel, customer touchpoints, landing pages, and more. (Value 275$)





  • Life Time Access to All Modules 
  • My 10K Launch plan guidelines
  • My Funnels & Pipelines Maps
  • Lead Magnet Templates designed specifically for coaches and course creators
  • The 2023 Algorithm Update you need to know as an entrepreneur and how to use it as a Lead Magnet 
  • My Launching Formula and schedule (a.k.a. a step-by-step blueprint!)
  • A Walkthrough to Kajabi Landing Pages, Offers, and Pipelines.


Go from struggling to book clients to a Real Boss Lady making Real Money on IG!

With my videos being short and precise, actionable, and to the point. You will fly through this course and come out with a new set of skills you can start to use immediately to create a Powerful Online Coaching Business.
There is no time like the present to make your dreams come true.