A Corporate Turned to an Online Business Mentor & Boss Ladies Motivator 

I Started my life as a Business Development Manager in the second Largest Oilfield Company in the World, it was a dream of mine coming true, but something in me felt sad and unfulfilled, till the day I discovered the Power of Social Media and I was fascinated by this world of influence!

My zone of genius was always Marketing and approaching ppl with the right message, my mission is to help as many Queens to Build a Killer Personal Brand & Monetize their Audience with my Signature Online Courses and High-Vibe Coaching Sessions.
My goal is to help you work beautifully in HARMONY with the universal laws so that you create above and beyond results in the shortest amount of time.
We will COMPLETELY transform your mindset and your business so that you are operating from a new level of mind to create the results you truly desire.




Samia Jay

My driving force is to change lives, by allowing Queens to harness the tremendous opportunities given to us in this digital age to share their knowledge, do what they truly love and pull more time, freedom and happiness from their lives and businesses.

I'm here to show you the true path to your DESIRES, after our coaching sessions you will come out a totally transformed queen in both life and business.

I want you to ask yourself, what is it that you truly desire?

Whatever it is, I’m here to be by your side cheering you on along the way, sharing the tools that truly work. It’s high time that you got on a FULL trajectory to your dreams!


  Imagine creating a Business you fall in love with and makes you money while you sleep —just like my clients are doing right now!

Imagine making more money in a month than what you’re currently making in a year while working with clients who love you and respect you and they are happy to spend big bucks on you again and again! Your investment in The Business Besties Mastermind will return to you multiplied because this coaching program is designed in alignment with your passion and soul calling.

I'm here to make sure you stop spinning your wheels, so you can shine, soar, and sparkle like the jewel that you are. I will cut through your B.S., validate your decisions, and get you to take inspired action to live your highest potential. And truth be told, I’m more of a Creative Mentor and healer—than a simple coach.

I believe when you fully rock your Aligned Boss Lady superpowers, you’ll launch into magic and money.

Here are the 3 Phases we will be Focusing On During our 1:1 Mentorship Sessions: 

(Intensive Mentorship Program)

This is the hottest Mentorship program around that will help you remove money blocks and get a flood of clients, designed for entrepreneurs, brand owners, coaches, consultants & healers! Even if you don't have a brand yet, I will help you build a powerful one and leverage your message to monetize your Soul calling, so get ready queen cause you are about to quantum leap into a New financial Freedom and Reality.

If you are struggling to make daily sales, attract High Ticket clients, or you are trapped in underearning money karma-drama then this is your one-stop solution to rise into sovereign financial freedom and Personal Powers.

When you sign up for this High-Level Mastermind, you'll have the chance to work with me closely for 3 Months, and get a Powerful Tailored Action Plan and a customized bullet-proof business model that will change your life forever, Literally!

 During our Coaching Calls, we will work on your Subconscious scarcity Blocks that keep sabotaging you from reaching your next level, we will dissolve ancestral wounds and family dramas that keep you from making the money and the impact you deserve. Then we will activate your powerful brand voice and Marketing strategies and help you charge what you're worth, during this mastermind we will be in a beautiful co-creation together, a divine transformational Journey not only for your business but for you as a beautiful happy fulfilled Boss Lady.

This is a potent frequency upgrade that will turn your anxieties into abundance and your fears into freedom, as you charge more for your potent work with love, grace, and unwavering confidence!

I'm that Bestie combined into a Mentor and a coach who genuinely cares about your business as much as you do

If your submission is accepted the investment starts at $500 and up to $5,000

(Payment plans available)




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Business Besties Intensive Mentorship

  • VIP Client Onboarding Kit & Questionnaire 
  • 12 Weeks Intensive Mentorship Sessions
  • High-end Coaching Experience (Sessions Scheduling, Notes, Resources, and Agendas)
  • Full Access To my powerful Mantras, meditations, and Inner Child Healing workbooks ($750)
  • Full Access to The Millionaire Coach Blueprint (Value $1500 +The Highly Paid Influencer Masterclass (Value $247)
  • All my Marketing Ads Playbook and scripts 
  • 3 Months of Free Access to the Boss Lady Society Portal, the Community Exclusive IG Group, Monthly Calls, & Monthly Goodies (Value $420). 

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